Fuck my dirty asshole

topic posted Tue, July 15, 2008 - 6:40 AM by  AfroerotiK

MMMM, that’s right baby, eat my pussy. Ohhh, lick it. Work my clit, yeah, suck all that juice. Oh shit, what are you doing? I see, you want to lick my ass? Yeah sweetie, don’t be afraid, no need to be shy if that’s what you like. I LOVE a hot tongue in my ass. Let me turn over for you so you can really get in there good. Spread my full, round asscheeks and really get your nose in there. Yeah, smell it. You like the way that smells? You like my musky, hot asshole? I know you do, look how fucking hard your dick is, look how much precum you are leaking. Yes, you nasty fuck; you get off on smelling my sweaty asshole, don’t you? Take a good whiff; I haven’t had a shower since early this morning. I went for a run after work so it should be nice and ripe for you. Are you going to get it all nice and clean for me? Go ahead, stick your tongue in there, get it and wet. Yeah, tongue fuck my butthole. Rim me. Ram it in deep. Does that taste good? You like it? Suck all my hot, nasty assjuice from my tight, dirty ass. Ohhh, deeper, that’s it. It feels so nasty when you lick it like that, spread my ass and really get in there. Suck it hard. Spit in it. Spit in my dirty fucking hole. Work it up there with your tongue. Eat my fucking dirty ass you son of a bitch, lick it, taste all my nasty ass flavors. Damn, that feels so fucking sexy. Ram your fucking tongue in there so far you can taste what I had for lunch. Yeah, that’s it, get nasty you fucking pig, tell me how much you love digging in my hot, brown hole. What sort of fucking pervert gets off on eating a woman’s nasty, hot, dirty, sweaty, filthy shithole?

Mmmmm, kiss me, let me taste my ass. Let me suck that hot tongue of yours. Ohhh, that’s so nasty, it tastes so good. I bet you want to finger my dirty ass too, don’t you? Work your fingers up in my tight asshole. Goddamn, that feels fucking incredible. Finger me hard; ram your fingers in there. Deeper. Harder motherfucker, really get my hole loose. Make it gape open. Pull ‘em out and let me see you suck them. That’s’ right, suck your dirty fingers straight from my raunchy backdoor. It feels so good. I want your hard dick in my ass. I want you to fuck the shit out of me. I want you to pound my hot asshole and make me scream. Are you going to make me beg? You want me to show you what a dirty ass whore I am? You want me to tell you how much I love big, long, hard, thick dicks fucking deep in my ass? I can’t get enough. I love to be rammed in my shitpipe, my nasty filthy bootyhole. Damn you, frig my poophole harder. What’s the matter, you think I can’t take it? I’ve got news for you. I can take it harder and deeper in my asshole than you can dish it out. I can ride your fucking dick with my tight wet asshole until you are begging me to stop because I’ve drained every drop of hot cum from your big hairy nuts and still can’t get enough. My tight fucking asshole was made to be screwed hard and fucking deep.

What are you waiting for, a fucking invitation? Okay, well, take the head of your hard dick, line it up at my dirty, tight pucker, push the head in and feel me grip it tight with my muscles and work every hard inch deep in my bowels. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass. Make me show you what a dirty asswhore I am. Ram my butthole. Oh shit, it feels so fucking good, so nasty. I love it. HARDER damn you. Pound my ass until you shoot all your hot cum deep in me. I’m going to cum with your fucking dick in my ass. Pull it out. Let me taste it. Let me taste all that hot assjuice from deep in my ass. Mmmm, it tastes so fucking nasty, so fucking good. Cleaning your dirty dick straight from my filthy asshole. Yeah, stick it back in me and fuck me good. I love getting pounded in my asshole and I need you to ram it so good it hurts. Put you cum in me so deep I shit it out tomorrow. You like that, don’t you? You love me being an assslut for you. Fuck, I’m going to cum. Oh shit, I’m going to cum. Fuck me. Fuck my ass. Mmmmm.

Copyright 2008 AfroerotiK

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  • ROFL

    Sat, December 27, 2008 - 12:26 AM

    HAHAHA im lolling , thanks sister.
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    Re: Fuck my dirty asshole

    Mon, January 26, 2009 - 6:51 AM
    Whew! Takes the breath away, dirty girl. Please point me to your next session. Gotta keep up with you.
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    Re: Fuck my dirty asshole

    Mon, December 14, 2009 - 5:03 AM
    Wish I was the one licking and tounging it to make it feel like that!! Love to be yours!!, If you used me for pleasuring your ass!
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    Re: Fuck my dirty asshole

    Tue, June 15, 2010 - 11:29 AM
    afroerotik, thanks for this hot and dirty tidbit. i'm not so into the parts where fecal matter is involved (either by smell or taste), but that just speaks to the eroticism of your words, that i can read past the parts that don't move me, and find beauty in the whole. now i'm wanting some sweet beau to work his way up into my little pucker. mmmm-mmm. sexy lady!

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